About Us

We are solving the largest problem in financial services: Legacy systems

Organisations around the world are experiencing regulatory change at the fastest pace in history – testing their ability to meet their compliance obligations, manage risk and simultaneously provide a positive customer experience. Manual processes – together with outdated legacy systems – means that companies in all sectors are facing significant challenges now and into the future.

Frankie connects compliance and risk providers to provide one API, one platform, one unifying view for onboarding and monitoring

Recognising the need to assist financial and other institutions to manage their compliance and risk needs in an ever more complex environment, Frankie Financial was established with the aim of providing a “single point of truth” for these organisations.

Frankie connects third-party compliance and fraud prevention providers into a single platform. Businesses can turn providers on/off as per their business requirements - enabling them to create and manage their own policies and workflows.

One integration, allowing you to focus on growth

We remove the need for multiple vendor implementations. No matter how many third-party providers businesses require, they only ever need to connect to our single API - making integration easy. As we have one integrated platform we offer one unifying view for compliance, operations, audit and risk. Providing the single point of truth, single view of the customer and with all tools in the same place, it results in faster resolution times.